This little book with help familiarize anyone who cares to know how to use Keil’s Realview compiler tools on linux.

At first though this may seem very pointless as CodeSourcery Lite is capable of everything Realview is, however if you have very large projects or a lot of time invested in an project then it only makes since to stick with what the project started with. I am currently reviewing all the available integrated development environments that linux has to offer (theirs a LOT) and will tack on a chapter five on how to use the Realview tools with a new IDE. So far CodeLite is showing quite a bit of promise however their are some linking issues I must deal with either via pushing a change to the projects svn or a makefile hack. I have not decided which method to use just yet.

For anyone that is interested I will be migrating my toolchain over to GNU for all my newer projects. Windows stabbed me in the back one to many times so I rolled it in a carpet and tossed it in the Neva river.

So around full circle if I wish to use CodeSourcery then why not take a look at Rowley CrossWorks again as they use CodeSorcery as the underlying toolchain.



Download the project files here: